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Background[ edit fogyás bainbridge ga Born in Bainbridge, Georgiaon December 26,Young Stribling spent most of his childhood in show business with his parents and a younger brother.

His parents were devout Christians from rural southwest Georgia. Pa was his manager and promoter. The Stribling family traveled widely as fogyás bainbridge ga performers with a wholesome family act that included gymnastics and balancing acts and ended with a brief boxing match between four-year-old "Strib" and his two-year-old brother, "Baby" Stribling.

The act lasted several years and was milano zsírégetés popular that it took the family through 38 foreign countries before fogyás bainbridge ga settled in Macon, Georgiaprior to World War I.

Backstage between acts, the Striblings read the Bible together and prayed before each performance, just as "Strib" later prayed before each fight when he became a professional boxer.

Regardless of where the family performed, they always went to church on Sunday and refused any physical training on the Lord's Day. Stribling was one of the best high school basketball players in the United States. He was known as a "dead shot".

fogyás bainbridge ga

His team went to the national interscholastic tournament at Chicago, but he was ruled ineligible to play because of his professional boxing. Stribling was also an avid and accomplished aviator who loved to fly.

Stribling was raised as a vegetarian. While still in high school, Stribling fought 75 professional bouts. After gaining favorable media attention for his first major fight, a bout which he tied with champion Mike McTigue from Ireland, "Strib" was besieged by offers to box all over the United States, Europe, South America, and Africa. People wanted to see the young prodigy of the boxing ring in person during those days before television.

Fogyókúrás program letöltése slimir

Moreover, the tour did much to popularize the sport, and it helped establish the athlete's reputation for clean sportsmanship and wholesome living. He never drank or smoked, and he was always careful about what went into his body.

Another cross-country fogyás bainbridge ga inthis time without the bus, resulted in his winning 57 straight fights with only one draw and one loss.

He fought 38 bouts inwinning all but two by a knockout. He ended the tour by knocking out three different opponents within four days in three different cities, no opponent lasting more than two rounds.

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Macon loved the Stribling family and honored "Strib" with a parade after every major fight. In turn, "Strib" established himself as a valuable citizen. As a professional boxer "Strib" usually trained on the family farm in Ochlockneenear Thomasville, Georgia.

fogyás bainbridge ga

During the peak of his career, "Strib" flew his own airplane to fights around the country and served as a lieutenant in the Air Force Reserve, taught Sunday School for athletes at Macon's Mulberry Street Methodist Church, and worshipped at Vineville Baptist Church where he was a member. Incredibly handsome and personally appealing, fogyás bainbridge ga six-foot-tall, blue-eyed, brown-haired youth received offers to model clothes for major companies and to appear on the Broadway stage.

He received numerous gifts from admirers, including a motorcycle on which he often had a rider, his mother. Big-name fighters had their photos made with him, including heavyweight champion Jack Dempseywho later became one of his best friends. By fogyás bainbridge ga, "Strib's" success as a boxer had earned him over a million dollars. And there was more to come. Clara's father was a prominent Macon businessman, and her mother was the first woman to serve on the city council.

Clara's grandfather was a former president of Wesleyan College in Macon, the oldest female college in America. Although he lost his championship bid in the fight against future world champion Jack Sharkey at Miami Beach in"Strib" at 23 had fought more professional rounds than any other fighter in history, had knocked out more opponents, and had compiled other records as well.

Later in"Strib" made his first European tour where he lost by a foul to a future world heavyweight champion Primo Carnera in London and a month later defeated him in Paris in a rematch. Later inhe made a second European tour, and this time defeated the champions of Germany, Great Britain, Italy, and Belgium.

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Back in the United States while nursing a broken left hand, he defeated the heavyweight champion of Norway. The battle was a rout before it was half over; the only round Young Stribling might've won was the 4th. According to one ringside observer, Stuart Bell, "Strib" might've landed only 30 good punches in the 15 round fight.

It was the first major fight to be broadcast live over national radio. When the fight ended, "Strib" went to shake hands with Schmeling who, although swarmed by photographers, insisted on being photographed with "Strib.

fogyás bainbridge ga

Early in "Strib" returned to Paris to beat, again, the champion of Belgium in a rematch. One night in Atlanta, "Strib" rose diy fogyás pakolás vélemények his ringside seat and threw in the towel to stop a young boxer's brutal beating by an experienced opponent.

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The news reporter who witnessed the incident later wrote, "To me, this one incident did more to reveal the true character and instinct of Young Stribling than anything else—the instinct of a Christian gentleman who abhorred brutality whether at his expense or fogyás bainbridge ga expense of a foe.

He was knocked out only once, and it was a technical KO during the final round with Germany's Max Schmeling in His lifetime achievement records include most fights by a heavyweight, most fights by a heavyweight in a single year he fought 55most knockouts by a heavyweightand fewest times knocked out. Champion boxer Jim Corbett called him "the best heavyweight fighter for his pounds that ever lived.

Flight Over - Bainbridge, GA

He gained attention from the media as an outstanding boxer beginning with his first professional fight at age 16 in Atlanta. The accident occurred October 1 outside of Macon, Georgia.

fogyás bainbridge ga

Traveling 35 miles per hour on a motorcycle, "Strib" was en route to a hospital to visit his convalescing wife and their newborn baby his third childborn two weeks previously. He waved a greeting to a friend passing in an automobile. But he failed to see another car behind that of his friend, Roy Barrow. The veteran of roughly bouts, fogyás bainbridge ga never received a permanent scar due to his great defensive skills, attempted to dodge the second car but was too late.

The fender of the car struck Stribling, crushing and virtually ripping off his left foot, and sending him to the pavement, fracturing his pelvis.

Stribling fogyás bainbridge ga taken to the hospital, where, coincidentally, his wife and baby were. His mother rushed to the hospital from the Stribling plantation in South Georgia; his father from Texas.

At one point he awoke, saw his wife, and asked, "How's the baby? But his vitality began to wane.

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Physicians were amazed at his ability to cling to life when his temperature hit His wife was wheeled into his room and he recognized her.

His father walked grimly from the room and tearfully said, "He's gone. The next day, his body was placed in the Municipal Auditorium of Macon, to lie in state from 10 in the fogyás bainbridge ga until 6 that evening. He was buried in Riverside Cemetery [2].